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Critical Research Journal Method and Meaning

Methods and methodologies are crucial considerations when creating a photograph. These encompass a wide range of techniques, approaches, and processes that photographers use to craft their images. The methods can vary greatly depending on the photographer’s style, subject matter, and artistic intent.

My Methodologies

My work primarily focuses on conceptual photography and street photography. I pre-plan my shots with storyboards, props, and specific settings to convey the intended message. One important aspect of my compositions is colour, which is why I am greatly inspired by William Eggleston. Understanding his work methodologies and the meanings behind his images is essential to appreciating his contribution to photography. His approach is both methodical and intuitive, resulting in images that resonate with viewers on multiple levels.

William Eggleston

"The Democratic Forest" (1983-1986):

  • Description: A massive body of work comprising over 1,000 photographs taken across the United States and Europe. This series further explores Eggleston's themes of everyday life and his democratic vision of subject matter.

  • Methodology: Eggleston employs a rich, vibrant color palette, often using dye transfer printing to achieve deep saturation and clarity. He searches for the extraordinary within the ordinary, depicting banal subjects with a sense of importance and beauty that challenges viewers to reconsider their perceptions of the everyday world.

Steve McCurry

"Afghan Girl" (1984):

  • Description: The iconic portrait of Sharbat Gula, a refugee, which became one of the most famous images in National Geographic history.

  • Methodology: McCurry’s photographs explore universal human experiences such as love, loss, joy, and suffering. He highlights the commonalities that bind people across different cultures and geographies. McCurry spends time learning about the cultural, social, and political contexts of the areas he photographs, ensuring an accurate representation.

My Inspiration and Future Work

Inspired by Eggleston, I will seek the extraordinary within the ordinary. My research could focus on the multicultural society of Mauritius, offering a colourful representation of its values and cultural diversity. The presence of African, Indian, and Western cultures can also highlight issues concerning minority religions and their protection.

By studying the methods, methodologies, and meanings behind the works of Eggleston and McCurry, I will develop my own approach to express my art in various forms.


  1. The Democratic Forest by William Eggleston

  2. William Eggleston’s Democratic Forest: The Sublime Mundane

  3. William Eggleston’s Use of Color

  4. William Eggleston: Finding Beauty in the Everyday

  5. Steve McCurry’s  “Afghan Girl”

  6. The Universal Appeal of Steve McCurry’s Photography

  7. Steve McCurry: Capturing the Human Experience

  8. Cultural Context in Steve McCurry’s Work

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