In 2007 a life changing adventure began. Doushan Sewtohul, for the first time was performing on a stage and won the prestigious Reve Des Stars competition, an original song singing composition.  From there onwards Doushan Sewtohul continued his journey in the world of music creating more than 25 originals which he sung. He even helped people creating original song by conceptualizing and directing a TV show Kalpana which main objective was the creation of original songs. More than 50 people participated and created their original songs through that show.

Music is the most favorite field of arts for Doushan and he never wanted to make profit out of it.

$1 per song is not costly. With $1 you are encouraging an artist to create more. With $1 you are saying no to piracy and giving respect to the artist talent and hard work. We are currently working on adding songs to the website.